How Can Mental Health Be Improved?

It is said one of four people have mental health issues at some time or another in their life. Mental health affects how you act and feel how you are able to make decisions, handle stress as well as connect with other people.
Here are ways to improve your mental health.
a) You should talk to your doctor. Some do depression screenings as well.
b) You should look at the bright side of things and be grateful and thankful for everything.
c) Meditation helps in concentration and improvement of well-being.
d) Writing a journal can be very cathartic and liberating. This helps to clear the mind too
e) You should go to therapy where you can talk about your problems and issues as well.
f) You should workout as it releases endorphins which make you feel better.
g) Spending time with loved ones is great for improving mental health
h) You should also know what is happening in your mind and educate yourself about the health conditions as well as the reasons behind them.
i) A good diet helps in improving your sell being. You should try brain boosting foods and incorporate more fruits as well as vegetables in your diet

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