Controlling Dog & Cat Fleas

Controlling Dog & Cat Fleas

Dog and cat fleas are the same in many ways. For instance, their appearance and behavior are similar, and both cat and dog fleas can breed off of one another. Meaning, cat fleas can breed off of dogs and vice-versa. They are so similar that they are defined and spoken about under the same heading. Of all of the fleas, the most common household fleas come from dogs and cats. Most of the time their owners are not aware of the fleas, but if there are large numbers of the fleas on the pets, they can’t help but become noticeable.Flea control Dog and cat fleas will also show up in a home if infected pets are allowed to come in to sleep. They can then spread to areas around the pet beds and may be noticed when owners are walking by the pet bed area. If pets are allowed to sleep on the owner’s beds, they can transfer fleas to the bedding and owners will have more than bedbugs biting at night. To remove fleas, after treating the pets, wash bedding in hot water. Need Professional Pest Control Help? Visit this website please:

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The female flea averages in size of 2.5 mm long, with the male flea averaging in size slightly smaller. The combs of a dog flea consist of 8 pairs of spines. The larvae of a dog flea are twice the size of the adult and it basically feeds on particles of dried blood, feces, and various organic substances gathered in corners of infested areas. In areas that dogs and cats sleep will most likely be the most popular surfaces for infestation of the fleas. The fleas are spotted by the presence of a black and white looking substance formed of the grayish larvae and white eggs of these flies. These fleas can also feed off many other animals including humans.
To prevent dog and cat fleas from infesting on your pets and your home, it is necessary to maintain cleanliness of the areas the animals will be in along with the pets themselves. To achieve proper pest control, be sure to regularly shampoo the pets, and vacuum the home thoroughly. Flea collars or flea treatments work well, but can be expensive for multiple pet households. Flea powders are rather messy to use and don’t work well where the pets are licking their coats constantly. Be sure to also treat outdoor doghouses and cathouses that pets use during the day and then come into your home at night. If their beds in your home are infected, most likely their outside houses are too.

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